Create a distortion post-process without SceneTexture in ColorScene ?


I could notice there is a bug with the Scenetexture since the 4.9 or maybe more. The SceneTexture doesn’t work if the ColorScene is chosen. I won’t localise this post into bug report, cause it’s already done by an other user and my question is more oriented on “is it possible to do what i want without the SceneTexture/ColorScene node ?”

So, I’m looking to make some distortions in post-process (just how to do it) and i’ve just found only the SceneTexture to do it. In first, am i right about this ?
If not, how could i create those kind of effect ? or is there a tutorial (somewhere in the web, very very far) that i not already found ?

See ya


I don’t double post but i found a solution just by read the error log : so i’ve to put the Scenetexture as PostProcessInput0 and in the UV input, use a ScreenPosition node ( or TextureCoordinate, because it does the same job) and multiply those values with 0 or 1 (black or white) values for x and y to move the screen. It’s the base of glitch effects.

Hope this post would be useful for beginners like me in Shader - Post-process.

See ya.