Create a dimmer light with external input

I have always used UE4 to create photorealistic videos and lately to present VR architecture projects. Now I’m trying my hand at a new project based on brain waves…the first starting step of this project insists on being able to have a light bulb that changes in intensity based on data received externally…so I have to create a simple light to connect a dimmer that can regulate the intensity, but I have no idea how to make the blueprint…any ideas?

make an actor bp.
add a light as a compoinent.
drag the component to the BP

start off on tick - move functionality later.

From the light, find or set the Intensity variable. You can control the value like just about anything else.

The question is how you get the controller to talk to the BP and communicate the intensity.

So, generally, to get data in you have some sort of Input - the component that reads most if not all input is usually the game controller.

Within it, you can verify that the input is what you need - you’ll likely need to code your own C++ input interface to support whatever data is coming in.
Once you know the input is the right one, you can then choose one of several ways to transmit the input to the BP.
The best probably being adding an interface to the light BP and using the interface within the controller Bp.