Create a custom behavior tree decorator in c++

Im a hobbyist with ue4 and since I’ve been having problems with custom behavior tree nodes and decorator created within the editor’s blueprint editor,i was wondering: can i use the ue4 engine’s master branch from github and create my own nodes/decorators that would work like the native ones already available? And if so, where should i begin looking in the source files?

(I’m actually at work right now using my phone to type this) Any help would be appreciated!

Master branch contains a fix to BP-implemented BT decorators and should just work as expected. If you want to look at code details UBTDecorator_BlueprintBase is the place to start.



Thank you for the reply! Im currently building the master branch to hopefully take advantage of the updates. One reason I asked about the decorators was because I noticed that there is one missing that should be implemented. A “In Range Of” decorator that allow execution of a node if the passed in actor/vector is within range, or not within range, of the behavior tree’s calling actor.