Crazy big material pack

Hi all, i just submitted a very very big materiel pack that contain more than 180 different materials fo all uses aaa quality

For more screenshots see

does it have a black and white map?

What do you mean by a black and white map??

How much money should cost that pack?
No insult, but when i look at the grey wooden Floor (1st big picture at the end of thread), it “feels” not right.
Where the board end up (three nails), there should be something like a gap?
Then the blue/grey variation on the other board “feels/look” not right too.
Is there a spec / normal map?
It is very easy to setup similar materials inside UE4, when you have the textures.
Did you your textures in PS, or are they real photos?
Best regards.

Just checked. I don’t think these are AAA-quality. Diffuses are just ok but shader maps looks terrible. Do you even have spec, ao, gloss maps? What about micro texture variations? PBR? Also your textures has really repetitive patterns.

totaly fine for everythinmg below AAA. Wich is very much. Thanks for that im looking into this later.

Dont need Spec and Gloss Maps. Question should be, do you have a Roughness Map?

Are you really selling a material pack? This looks more like a texture pack to me. Correct me if I am wrong, please show some of the material setup then.

Can you show some of the source maps?

It looks like inverted specular for roughness and raw diffuse for albedo for most of the materials. Also, some textures are waaay to blurry for 2k quality and some materials have only diffuse textures without normal/roughness/etc

hi, thanks all for your replies, the textures are not albedo but most of them right now for the release you will get albedo, normal, roughness map no metallic, for the images i posted bellow there is only albedo/diffuse and normal,
that’s it, as for the pricing it will be 30$

Sorry but I don’t think that Epic will even put this pack on Marketplace. You can try but I don’t know who would buy these. You really can’t even call these as materials.

Hummm unless it’s PBR I would not consider this as being AAA.

Price is to much considering for the $30 dollars I can purchase 200 PBR textures and put the into my own material wrapper.

the materials will all be pbr i’m working on will have an update by tomorrow, “price is too expensive !!! 200pbr textures for 30$!!!”, i don’t think so on the marketplace some texture packs are over 150$ for 20pbr 2048*2048 textures and give me this website that sells 200 pbr textures for 30$ and i’ll buy the hole website


Will that be cash or charge? :smiley:

OH waw that’s soo great i’ll be definitely buying it^^ hiow much texture they have??

They sure have a big amount of textures but not all so photorealistic that’s very good for people making non realistic games but not that much of photorealistiv textures


Per Year

I can not take anymore hear you guys talking about PBR

There is a huge difference between your textures and that $150 Brick material pack. That pack has the highest quality, your otherhand are just terrible.

You must have a good view, you see an image of 1865x802 with 36 thumbs. Also, is able to determinate that is terrible…

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What the **** are you talking about. I watched his material in his website where you can see the materials in big pictures. I did not write my comment based on that thumbnail picture.

He removed his artstation page after my comment so you no longer are able to see how **** they where.

There is a new feature for material editor in Unreal 4.8.0, Like this

And this can be very useful