Crash of the engine when trying to convert models to Nanite

When trying to translate my old meshes, I got an engine crash. Simpler meshes were able to be translated, but more detailed ones caused a crash.
I found out that this only happens with models exported via datasmith.
In the 3d editor (c4d), I converted the model to FBX and after importing successfully converted it to nanite.
// i used datasmith c4d

I had the same problem. I found that if I converted the mesh to a static mesh in UE (right click on mesh and select ‘Convert StaticMesh’) and then converted it to Nanite, the conversion worked fine.

Still with the new UE5 version converting static meshes to nanite crashes sometimes, depending on the mesh, not sure what it causes, but I know that the conversion to nanite worked with these meshes in the EA version. Here is the crash report:

I also experience crashes sometimes. I found a way out only by changing the grid in advance in a 3d editor (retopology)
But I didn’t find any dependencies.

I think I will try dynamesh with zbursh and baking the textures on the new mesh… very complicated. I don’t understand why it works in the early access better than in the release version. This is not production ready, in my opinion.

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I have a city of the high-quality buildings containing more than 5000 static meshes when I try to convert it to nanite it crashes every single time.

I found the mesh that was causing the crashes it’s a simple mesh with the 750 polycounts. I am still confused why is it causing the problem

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Hi, I’ve searched for a while now, and your the only one I’ve found with the same crash.
Have you been able to fix the issue?

I think there is some mesh that has problems (like maybe wrong geometry). so try to convert one by one and leave the one that is causing the crashes

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