CPU temperature very high

So i am rendering a big scene from polygon town.Added a few lights and i have 2300 unbuild objects.After i start the lighting build only in like 10 min still 0% and my cpu temp like 90.
The highes it gets is 96,could be high i closed because i don;t want to damage my cpu.I have a ryzen 7 2700x with stock cooler put on high.
I build on light preview not medium or high.
Is it normal to hit these temps ?

AMD’s recommendation is to keep this CPU under 85°C. 96°C is pretty scary for any CPU.

Is it normal to hit these temps

I’d say it’s abnormal - is there an overclock? Perhaps it’s time for some spring cleaning? Dust build up can really play havoc with temperatures. Crank up the case fans?

It’s a bit odd to hit 96 degress. Modern CPUs throttle down when they overheat.

I got the same issue with my i9-10900K with normal turbo boost and custom WaterCooling, it reaches the 100°C so it ended in TT. I’m quite concerned I had to undervolt my CPU to keep temps below 95°C So maybe you should try that if you can modify those settings in the MOBO

Well, I guess the stock CPU cooler (Wraith Prism Cooler) that you are using with your Ryzen 7 2700X is unable to handle heat issues. You will need a reliable aftermarket CPU cooler for 2700X in this case. The stock cooler isn’t enough for heat dissipation when it comes to CPUs with over 4 cores.

Your CPU getting too overheated. Maybe it because of faulty CPU cooler or Inefficient Thermal Paste.