Could I get some help on using UTextRenderComponent::SetTextMaterial?

Hello all.

The common functions of UTextRenderComponent were easy to follow but this one is a little sketchy to me. How do use SetTextMaterial() ?

As far as I understand it (after reading the docs and trying to debug actual calls in the editor), it has something to do with instancing a UPrimitiveComponent and using its CreateDynamicMaterialInstance() function to set the the first parameter of SetTextMaterial(). (Tentatively) Using something like:

UPrimitiveComponent c = PCIP.SomeCreationFunction<UPrimitiveComponent>(this, NULL);
Title->SetTextMaterial(c.CreateDynamicMaterialInstance(<some reference>, NULL));

How can I a create such component (I tried a PCIP.CreateDefaultSubobject() call but the compiler rejects it) ?

Once I have this, How can I reference an existing material by name like

"Material’/Game/Textures/TextMaterialNoShine.TextMaterialNoShine’ so that it returns an int32 for the first parameter CreateDynamicMaterialInstance() ?

Any help appreciated.