Correct scene colors.

Let’s assume that i have a color chart on the scene, and i want to color pick any color from the chart and it corresponds correctly. How to setup such scene?

Hi, you mean LookUpTables (LUTs) ?

Thanks but how to color correct a scene using this LUT method? I saw an Unreal video on color correction but it requires eye balling. Pretty useless for my case as i need for color fidelity to check on the assets’ color in a very neutral scene.

Ok. i have managed to find a solution.

direction light = 6500 or 6000 k
post processing volume >> tone curve amount = 0.

The white in the scene will be un-tinted. You can test this by dropping a SM_ColorCalibrator from the engine folder, and let it face the directional light. Then color pick it from any material (put in a vec3 in the material and use the color picker on the scene) to test the RGB values.

The Lut method of getting correct color is a hit and miss with lots of manual adjustments. But at least i learned something new to change the scene dynamically.

Thanks to chrudimer for helping!