Corona Physical Material


since Corona is offering (and forcing) a new “Corona physical material” in the latest Release of the Corona-Renderer for 3dsMax,
it looks like, the exporter doesn´t support this type of material.
I would like to give it a try, but I read the exporter complaned the Corona-Physical Material as unsupported (for now).
The included Corona Material-Converter is changing the “classic” Corona Material to this new Version. This would break the well done direct exchange of Corona-Scenes to the Unreal-Engine.

Do you have an Idea, when the Datasmithexporter will support it.
Otherwise many things wouldn´t work anymore.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Hi Fritzlachatte !

We are currently reworking the 3dsMax plugin for UE5 (4.27 is feature locked and will not see further improvements), and have added your suggestion to support the Corona-Physical Material to the feature list.

We definitely do not want to see our users updating their projects locked out of using future releases of Datasmith with Max !


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Hello Antoine,

Thank you very much for your kind reply.
I am convinced that you have chosen exactly the right path with Datasmith and the open exchange.
This can also be seen in the great impact of the Corona renderer. Quick successes for users, an excellent team of friendly developers and an almost perfect material ->Corona converter.
I know that you have many systems to work with. Nevertheless I think some kind of hotfix could be helpful for both sides.

Many greetings

I would suggest registering for the upcoming 3dsMax Datasmith plugin beta, we would love having your feedback on future improvements, including support for the new Corona-Physical material.

Cheers !