Corona Physical Material


since Corona is offering (and forcing) a new “Corona physical material” in the latest Release of the Corona-Renderer for 3dsMax,
it looks like, the exporter doesn´t support this type of material.
I would like to give it a try, but I read the exporter complaned the Corona-Physical Material as unsupported (for now).
The included Corona Material-Converter is changing the “classic” Corona Material to this new Version. This would break the well done direct exchange of Corona-Scenes to the Unreal-Engine.

Do you have an Idea, when the Datasmithexporter will support it.
Otherwise many things wouldn´t work anymore.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


Hi Fritzlachatte !

We are currently reworking the 3dsMax plugin for UE5 (4.27 is feature locked and will not see further improvements), and have added your suggestion to support the Corona-Physical Material to the feature list.

We definitely do not want to see our users updating their projects locked out of using future releases of Datasmith with Max !



Hello Antoine,

Thank you very much for your kind reply.
I am convinced that you have chosen exactly the right path with Datasmith and the open exchange.
This can also be seen in the great impact of the Corona renderer. Quick successes for users, an excellent team of friendly developers and an almost perfect material ->Corona converter.
I know that you have many systems to work with. Nevertheless I think some kind of hotfix could be helpful for both sides.

Many greetings

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I would suggest registering for the upcoming 3dsMax Datasmith plugin beta, we would love having your feedback on future improvements, including support for the new Corona-Physical material.

Cheers !

hello there,

we have just upgrade datasmith to 5.0.0 and still the same story . CoronaPhysicalMtl not supported by the Unreal Datasmith format at the moment.

PLEEEEEAAAASSSS as CRN 7 is out nearly for a year and it’s some kind of standard … we already convert most of your libraries to new materials, we are in deep trouble to use UE…

can you give us a clue when Datasmith is going to be compatible with CRN physicalMtl??

many many thanks


我也想知道 什么时候支持 这个功能 ,烦死了

I have been told that it is work in process and current target is 5.1

is this still the case? Crazy to think its been well over a year for these hugely used materials to not work in UE or Twinmotion

Yes the target is still 5.1 for improved Corona and VRay material support.


Maybe when Corona 12 releases we will have support for PhysicalMTL!
Over a year, Corona8 was released and nothing lol

I know its crazy! I find it mad that corona themselves dont have some form of converter to go back to legacy materials. The other week i had to dedicate a day to manually convert all my materials in a project just to get it into unreal. I keep checking every day when 5.1 is out and its supported but until then it makes it so hard to use UE for work

May be bad idea…and i haven’t even tested yet… how about converting Corona physical material to Vray Mtrl and then standard material using the script called “Vray Mtrl Converter”…?? Its kind of work around…

So i actually own this script, but havent tested or updated it for a while. Do you know if it works with corona physical materials? What you describe used to work perfectly as i had to go from corona, to vray, to standard back in the day for Unity.

Actually I just updated and tested the plugin. Unfortunately it doesn’t fully work :frowning: Although it converts to standard it still keeps some corona aspects like corona mix maps. And thus I think it loses whatever is happening after that node. Shame as it seemed promising work around

Yeah…this is not 100%…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: doing this way, at least you can retain the textures instead of searching for individual textures… and as you mentioned , you need to do little clean up work…or we’ll have to wait until Datasmith gets updated…

And yes… inside UE, you will have to create the materials from scratch… the only benefit i can say is you get the proper textures for individual materials… but the characteristics of all the materials will loose…

I am also waiting for this feature and feel the same with the frustrations of being in this same position. Having to find long-winded conversion work-arounds for corona physical materials, or to remake the materials in UE kind of renders the datasmith plugin a bit useless for me at the moment. Please can this be addressed urgently?


I am also struggling to convert Corona based scenes into a standard materials. At this point we have many projects that we need to port to twinmotion and at the moment it is way to slow. Definitely a deal breaker for twinmotion/ue5 for interior design.

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Over a year since this was first posted and raised and still no fix. Who knows when 5.1 is out or if it will even be working on that release :frowning:

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Maybe we might have it by Corona12?
They’re about to release Corona 9, so…

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