Cooking content hangs

Cooking content hangs on LogSavePackage:Display: Finished SavePackage …( it was texture)
In folder it’s really saved already, but cooking is hanging on this because of cache.
OS: Windows 7 x64.

It can be fixed by deleting DerivedDataCache folder. So, bug in cach or something else.


Are you able to replicate this in a new project, or is it project specific? Does it only happen with larger maps/assets/etc? Please provide additional information, and reproduction steps if possible.


it’s project specific. C++ project. Shooter game Example from Epic. I do not load map. Black screen in Viewer. I just add new weapon BP, mesh and textures.

Thank you so much for providing additional information. I’ve turned off the HighRise map from the viewer, so I only see a black screen in the viewer. I too added a new weapon blueprint, mesh and textures. I then proceeded to save and it did not hang. I also looked through and did not run into any bugs.

  • Is it possible that you’re running too many programs at once on your computer that would cause a hang up?
  • Is it always fixed by deleting the DDC?
  • Have you pulled down a new version of Shooter Game to see whether or not it’s happening in a freshly downloaded version or not?
  • Can I see your DXDiag, or at least your computer specifications?

Thank you!

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