Cook feature level ES2 for windows


I’m wondering if it’s possible to cook my content for ES2 for windows.

Launching from the editor in a standalone game with the -featureleveles2 launch parameter works, but in settings-platforms-windows I can’t select ES2 as a target RHI.

Launching a packaged game with -featureleveles2 launch parameter obviously gives the same error as:

Any way to do this? Using 4.11.2 source build if it matters.

Reason: making a 2d game targeting lower end specs. Launching with -featureleveles2 seems to nearly double the fps so I’m interested in seeing the results in a packaged game

Hey Raisteu,

The Feature Level ES2 is specifically geared toward the mobile platform, as that RHI is not intended to have the robustness of SM5 and all the features that come with rendering to a higher RHI.

With that said, if you want to packaged for Mobile or ES2 you need to make sure your project is set up for the correctly targeted hardware. Once you have established your game as mobile ready, you can simply packaged your project for the Android and iOS platforms.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.