Convert skeletal mesh to static mesh

I have a lot of skeletal meshes of people in my scene but they never move. Having all these skeletal meshes drags down the performance quite a lot while having static meshes would be much better. Is there a way to convert a skeletal mesh in a pose to be a static mesh?


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There is no way to do that in UE4. You’ll have to pass them through your modeling program and then export/reimport. you can reimport the existing skeletal mesh fbx files as static meshes but they’ll be imported in T pose or whatever their default pose is so that wouldnt be much use.

Tested on UE 4.14. Open the skeletal mesh assets or animation asset in the Asset Editor (double-click the asset) and click “Make Static Mesh”.

If it’s an animation asset, you can choose the frame you want to convert.



The way how AntimonyFox describes this is exactly the way to do it. It works! Thanks a lot