Convert AStaticMeshActor to Destructible

I currently have a class that inherits from AStaticMeshActor called “BaseItem”. I want to make a BaseItem a destructible, how do I do this?

I couldn’t find much documentation behind Destructible Mesh. I only know you can convert a Static Mesh to a Destructible.

I have seen this problem addressed by destroying the actor for the original object and then spawning a new actor for the new destructible object.

Here’s an example Level BP that shows this:

Can this be done in C++ or is this strictly in Blueprint Logic? My guess is that I would try to do something like “DestroyActor(this)” then “SpawnActor(ADestructableMesh)” but I don’t believe there is ADestructableMesh class.

My blueprint does not have “OnActorBeginOverlap” event even though it is AStaticMeshActor and inherits from Actor.