Controlling which mipmap levels are in memory

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make a game map in UMG for a very large world (15km x 15km +). I need a high amount of detail so I’m currently using a 4x4 grid of 8192x8192 textures. In order to prevent huge memory problems I’m loading these textures into memory only when the map widget is rendered to screen. This causes a small delay as the textures are loaded from disk but this is acceptable.

However, I’m running into texture streaming errors due to the large amount of RAM that these textures occupy while the map is on screen. How can I manually control the mipmap level that is used BEFORE the texture is loaded into memory? I would like to serve up the lowest possible resolution image based on how zoomed in I am or where I’m focused, etc.

FYI I’m using the “Never stream” flag on the textures so that I can destroy the textures straight away when I’m done with them, instead of waiting 90 seconds for the texture streaming service to think that they’re no longer being used.

For anyone reading this in the future, I ended up creating custom mipmapless textures for each texture that I needed to load into memory.