Controlling many lights with script

Hi, I have a scene with lot of point lights (buildings and airfield) and want to group them somehow (but without adding every point light to blueprint) so every building light can be toggled separately. Can you recommend any options?

Make point light class that will send info about it self to some class that control them and collect them in array which later you can control. Maybe there more solutions if you explain what those group point lights suppose to do.

For example, there is airfield with different light setups:

So we have 3 switches: red, yellow and blue and they may be turned in any combination.

As for now I’m grouping lights into SceneComponent and then calling function to iterate child lights and toggle them:

Make 3 BPs, red/white/blue.

Then each of those cast to 1 BP where you only need to control 3 BPs.

I did this with street lights.

Ok, thanks, as for now it solves my issue.