connect the UVoffset to joint transform?

You have to make the node you’re connecting with the TexCoord a parameter. Then make a material instance from the material and your parameter will be visible in the material instance. Then you can control that parameter from BP.

( In BP, drag the eye component into the code map, and drag a pin off and look for CreateDynamicMaterialInstance )

i animated character’s eyes with texture in maya . texture offset is connected to eye joints.
thus when left and right eye joints goes to right, texture “offsetU” goes to right.

i wanted to transfer this animation to unreal.

first i can reach uv offset in Unreal material editor.
just like the picture below :

vector2 is connected UV coordinates. thus and so i can move the uv


how can i connect this with eye joint transform?
how can i do that with blueprint

thanks already, look forward news

there is an exaple on youtube but they didn’t explain it well :

thank you for your answer, i came here:

i can control the eye UV in the material instance editor
now the only problem is to connect “Get socket location” with “Set texture parameter” as you can see in the picture below; that is iam stuck here ! thank you so much already. look forward news

Get socket location wont help as that’s just to do with where the eye is. Somehow, get a reference to the material of the eye, and do this:

In my case here, Eye is just a sphere, but you can still get a reference to the object…

thank you so much “ClockworkOcean” i will try.

god bless you

hi ClockworkOcean
in evening i willl try your tutorial on model.but i worry about joints.
that is my model with rigged.
if you want you can try on rigged model.
model.fbx is just rigged model/
anim.fbx is included Right and Left eyeController joint animation.

link text

link text

I imported you stuff, i put the skel mesh in a BP, the you can do this:

Crucial parts are:

  1. Element index - the left eye came in at slot 4 for me

  2. Notice I made the material there eyeball_L ( this needs to be a material instance )

  3. When you use CreateDynamicMaterialInstance it gives you a pin to store the instance ( DynamicMat )

  4. Then I set the vector parm ( your material parameter just ended up with the name Param after import, but I guess is will be something more meaningful in your version )


you saved me and i got rid of spending time :slight_smile:

my god bless you abundantly and exceedingly

You’re welcome. Please mark the question as answered :wink:

Dear ClockworkOcean;
if you dont mind i would like to ask this part,
in this video i will show everyting, i did everything you do.
even i created 2 blueprint. one of is “event graph” the other is “Actor graph”
i dont get error messages i see the coordinates on the screen but they are constant.
what is your suggestion
thank you so much in advance

- YouTube

You’ve got it right buddy, but you need the BeginPlay connecting into the left of the CreateDynamicMatierialInstance ( it has to be ‘fired’ by something ) :smiley:

have a nice day “ClockworkOcean” :slight_smile:
at the end i finished and fired game:) it works and show joint rotation and rotate the eye Pupil.
but it flees away.
final process is to connect the joint(R_eyeController) to Vector parameter in a right way.
maybe we should use another node to get the exact location of the R_eyeController ?
my brain is burned :slight_smile: help me to finish this process.

that is the last video :

Ok, do not connect socket node the SetVectorParameter! I know it works, but it doesn’t mean anything.

Make a variable of type LinearColor and plug that in there. This is the variable you can use at runtime to make the eye move.

thank you so much “ClockworkOcean”;
but i dont wanna control the variable bymyself.
i want the instance material’s value changes automatically.
those should be controlling by the values ​​(x-y) of the eye joints (R_eyeController and L_eyeController)

because i animated eyes in maya.
my plan is animating in maya and export after that import FBX animation to unreal.
i dont create a game because of that i dont need to control eyes bymyself.

thanks thanks sooo much already

To be clear, you can run your maya animations that you’ve imported, but that would just be with PlayAnimation.

let me more clear about this;

eye textures driven by joints in maya. i exported fbx animation. but i need to animate textures by this joints. not mesh. i show this process in video,

thanks again :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve totally lost track now. Maybe check out this vid:

It tells you how to get from maya to UE. Looks like a bit of a nightmare frankly...

we came a long way. just show me how to convert two nodes and connect them.
there is just one connection that we need. i will show in the picture. we just need a converter between two values.—>
Get “R_eyeController” joint’s translate values (x,y)
and set them into “vector parameter value’s” R and G slot.

if you want you can see in the video
- YouTube

Hi, yes I saw that vid. If you want to be able to tweak that color parameter and see the changes in realtime, then take that blueprint code you have and put it in the construction script ( next tab along the top ).

I’m sure you’ve noticed you can actually connect the GetSocketLocation into the color param. That’s only because they are both 3 numbers. Connecting them wont help I’m afraid.

Having talked about manipulating colors this whole time, I don’t think it’s where we need to be. The animations you have in Maya can be played in UE and you can manipulate the skeleton, but you have to set it up as in the vid I sent before ( Custom Animations from Maya to UE4 [TUTORIAL] - YouTube ). That shows you how to make the bones work in UE.

Sorry to not be much help.

Wait - I think it’s really simple. I have another asset which is a skel mesh with animations. All I had to do to play the anims was: