"Compiling Shaders ([number])" stays stagnent

When loading/making in new shaders or materials I get the “Compiling Shaders ([number])” at the bottom right of my screen. However the number never changes or goes down. I cannot tell if this is it being slow or something else is wrong.

To test this I closed off everything, ensured it had priority and left it for a few hours to do it’s thing. About a hour I return and it showed no progress. I left it for a hole night and it still made no progress. Existing shaders and materials that come from starter kits are fine and don’t cause this issue.

Here it is here, next to my amazing red arrow. I can still use the editor without issue or problem, however this will never seem to end. It’s also worth noting that the value is not always the same. Sometimes it’s small and sometimes it’s larger with no consistency.

Oh and if I save while this is happening the editor will stop responding.

bump, still not fixed.

up, i have the same problem

Same problem here :frowning: driving me crazy.