Compiling shaders and packaging a map takes forever since last update from EpicGames Launcher.

I actually didn’t check if my Unreal Tournament Editor version is on 4.9 or on 4.10.
Since the last update(from the EpicGames Launcher), the editor cannot compile shaders anymore and stucks when trying to package a map. When I package a map, the first and last log I get is: “Running automation tool…”.
Do you need a log related to the last editor sessions?


Still having this problem.

Solved! Seems like, I had some corrupted files in my UnrealTournamentEditor directory, because the solution was to uninstall the product even if the previous installation was gone wrong (and so, even if the EpicGames Launcher showed that I could click on “Resume”). and try to do a clean installation without touching the launcher, cause when I clicked on it, sometimes, it freeze.