Community Tutorial: UMG thru Post Process Materials

A technique for rendering dynamic or non-dynamic UMG widgets thru a Post Process material.


What is the Over function being used here? Don’t see that in the instructions for the material creation.

Hi JoeyPepperoni,

The Over node in the material graph comes from the Composure Plugin. Just enable Plugins->Composure in your project plugins and the over functionality will become available to you.

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Got it working. Thank you!

Is there a way to use this technique to have widgets that are in the world space not be affected by post processing?

You can try putting the post process material as the top layer the Post Process Material Stack on your Post Processing Volume. I am not sure if you need to toggle the “Manually Redraw” option off or not in the Blueprint.

Thanks @Lucky_Monk57 , this helps a lot! Is there any way to get the current Sequence Shot details in the UMG Blueprint (as with the Movie Pipeline)? So I can incorporate Shot Frame, Focal Length, etc.

Thanks a lot for this tutorial ! Your are great !
I’m using the widget to monitoring my virtual camera but I’m stil looking to have the possibility to change values in editable text box. I see that if I add this widget to viewport, it can’t add to post-process. Do you know if I can do both : add to viewport and post process in the same time ?


I figure out that alpha channel is different when I use your tutorial. For exemple, I have a blue box with alpha set as 0.2. I can see this box in the preview windows but I didn’t on my monitor. Like something like the gamma is different.

I notice also that I need to convert RGB channel from linear to sRGB to get this good color. I expect a similar conversion for alpha channel to get the good transparency. To fix it, I try like this :

I use media capture, I output in sRGB. I’m also using ocio to monitor my viewport in REC709.

Thanks for your help
Julien D.

To get this to work, I had to take the function out of the construction script and add it to begin play instead - and add some delays after the sequence pins. But I am really struggling with colors not being correct and motion blur, see my post here.