Coming Soon: The Unreal Engine forums are leveling up!

We have a dark mode here already right?

The new forum really feels like a mobile version.

Just curiosity, which forum they are using? I guess the old one was vBulletin but I have no idea what this forum based on.

I like the new forums, some quirks, but I’ll get used to it.
I have two questions:

  1. No signatures anymore? Will they come back? Or where can I set a signature?

  2. The FONT is really horrible and very hard to read. Can I change it somewhere? It is really eye straining.

edit: Oh, and third: can I auto-expand the replies as default? the nested replies?
fourth: can I have REAL DATES instead of “1h 6m 3d 1 year”?

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HI can you guys check out this link?
I Can not view the link,what is going on?
And the new Forums can not use google chrome translate,please fix it.

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The most import thing that needs to be fixed ASAP is all the broken/missing links!!! For example click this link in the second post, of course it’s gone! Character showed on the Inventory " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."
At the end of the day I think everyone would like the old links to work otherwise years of posts gone to waste. This is also slowing down out productivity on our games. Please make the forums basic functions work first, it’s more important than the look. I was searching the forums trying to find some answers to my problem I’m having right now and every single link is not working. Converting the links over should have been thought of while upgrading. Please tell us you can still fix this. Thanks


They broke all the seo links so right now we are ****** :slight_smile:

@Amanda.Schade What happened to “watched” threads (IIRC the function name)? Will they be converted to bookmarks or are they lost?
All my forum thread bookmarks that I collected over years are gone and there is no way to even remember what was there.

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Well, I like updates. Need time to get used to it. I see that posts with likes become a post with your own like somehow. It is really great that we have more identical features now and will be great to have an opportunity to upload your own picture to avatar.

Man. I don’t want to pile it on but these forums are absolutely horrendous.

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Everything having minimal visual separation is really gross to read. Something about this font really bothers my eyes too. Probably a lot to do with being actually white and a fatter font.

There’s also a colossal amount of space being wasted everywhere. It’s like I need to have the forums at 80% zoom. 6 single line posts fit fullscreen at 1440p without any scaling, that’s without signatures. It feels like the desktop version was intended for phones.

Sticky threads that don’t have any recent posts vanish into the list.

I’m pretty sure the older bookmarks that used /showthread.php etc used to work, they don’t anymore. “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

That side bar is not a replacement for pages, I always hated it on the Blizzard forums when they switched.

Nice, i need to acclimate but nice, what i only miss is my avatar.

I like the ability to just scroll back into a discussion and lazy load the content.
One thing i would appreciate is the removal of the top/bot margin on the “post-menu-area clearfix” which contains the reply/like/share button: each post takes a bit too much vertical space, i want to see more answers per screen.

Might be even better to hide this extra div and show it on hover of the post.


no margin:


I was referring to the previous software not having a dark mode, not the new software.

Although the old software did indeed have a hidden dark mode as another user pointed out.

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Where is now the console development category? PS4 development category?
I had some links saved from the old forums that I can’t access cause “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private” it seems like they are not visible anywhere. Are they coming soon?

This is one of the major issues. Almost all of my changelog links for marketplace product updates are broken now. On top of that, any links to previously explained solutions are also not working. It’s one of the most basic features we’d expect to work and I really hope it gets fixed.

@Amanda.Schade my USQLite plugin support topic disappeared:

Thanks for the report! We’re looking into it.

@SouryGame We’ll be making adjustments so you all can edit your posts. Appreciate the feedback!


Some of the permissions didn’t transfer properly. We’re working to reinstate that access.

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