Coming Soon: The Unreal Engine forums are leveling up!

And we’re live! Thank you all so much for your patience during the migration. Explore the site a bit and please share your feedback with us on the new experience in the #site-feedback category! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey folks! You’re hearing it here first—new Unreal Engine forums will be arriving soon and you can look forward to the first in a series of updates coming to you, the Unreal community.

Later this week, you will find the Unreal Engine forums on a new platform with a fresh coat of paint, ready for you to explore! With this update, we aim to provide you with an upgraded discussion experience, featuring better search and discoverability of topics, performance improvements, more customizable preferences and notifications, and all kinds of other enhancements.

All data from the current forums will be migrated over, including threads, posts, and account badges. We also want to make sure you feel comfortable in the new space, so we haven’t moved much around, and the layout should feel very familiar. Following the launch, you may notice new categories and a bit of reorganization. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we go along this journey together.

Starting Tuesday, April 6 at 10:30 PM EDT, the Unreal Engine forums will be placed in a read-only state as we begin the migration process. The process will last through the night and is expected to complete by 3PM EDT on Wednesday, April 7.

As with any platform change, we expect a few bumps along the way and we’ll soon share a link to a site feedback topic. We welcome any and all feedback regarding the style, layout, categories, functionality, quirks, etc. in this thread.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to this exciting next stage of the Unreal Engine Forums!


As long as I can keep all my personal data (lots of PMs and bookmarked content)…
Hope we don’t lose data :eek:

Awesome! Cant to see how they look and what new alerts/features will be there. :slight_smile:

All bookmarked content should automatically redirect! :slight_smile: As for PMs- they are being migrated too! So you shouldn’t experience any loss of content- only gain! :wink:

Will we have Avatars?

Looking forward to it. Ever since the first forum upgrade a couple of years back the usability has really taken a huge hit.


Do the new forums allow users to download or get a ‘take-out’ of Posts / PM’s / PII…??? :wink:
Because that would be a real useful feature even if PM’s do get copied over as promised…

I really hope we get dark mode back :slight_smile:

Well this is some welcome news :slight_smile:

But…there is dark mode, I am using it. ಠ_ಠ

It’s at the bottom of the forum website where it says “EpicForum Style”.

Wow never knew. :cool:

Xenforo, Discourse, NodeBB, Flarum. Which one will it be?

Unreal Engine 5? :D:D:D:D:D:D

I really hope for discourse :slight_smile:


Great news! Can’t wait to try it!

Is it possible that the currently observed launcher problems could somehow be related to this? See…led-ec-bi-ls-3

That’s awesome, thank you!

Great, hoping for a dark mode!