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Launcher "sign in failed" EC-BI-LS-3

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    [LAUNCHER] Launcher "sign in failed" EC-BI-LS-3

    When this error comes up, all clickable links lead to "no search results found" pages.

    The only thing I've found online is a bunch of Fortnite threads where users complain about this error as well (from mid last year), and I'm not about to edit my Windows Hosts file just to get it up and running again.

    I'm currently locked out of updating the engine.

    This launcher feels like a big piece of ****. The iTunes of EpicGames. Something that barely functions, nobody wants to use, yet everyone is forced to.

    EDIT: When I press the little cogwheel in the bottom left corner before the login, and then select "troubleshoot", I get 9 green circles and one red error saying "backend connectivity problem for", and again, when I press the "fix this problem" link I get the same "no search results found" page. Sigh.
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    Ok, so things began to become really weird when I tried to re-download the launcher, and Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer all told me that the download link was unsecure and had a bad certificate. I then created an exception for that which made the download link work, only it didn't get me the launcher, rather it took me to some sort of student portal at Morgan State University (at

    Rebooting both my router and the one my broad band provider supplied me with fixed these errors and got everything working, BUT:

    * Everything from Epic, including e-mail support replies were extremely unhelpful and frustrating.
    * Unreal Engine, during this time, hard crashed extremely often. It apparently phones home and doesn't like to be denied.

    I stand by my earlier comment that the Epic Launcher is a piece of **** (although the forum censoring makes it sound worse than what I'm calling it).