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Found some more downgrades, you can no longer delete your own posts

I show the option on the post right above.
Perhaps its disabled over time?

Press the three dots by the reply button to access the delete button.

I tested it on my oldest post and it works, but that’s only 3 months ago, so can’t be sure.

@Amanda.Schade @VictorLerp

To back-up what @Stormrage256 said, this is not an isolated issue! DELETED POSTS are returning from the dead! Don’t know if there’s a pattern yet, or how many threads or posts are affected but spambots are back too! Could just be random. Anyway, here’s some new examples:

Links / Posts to purge:

*Spambot* Examples:

Had another mobile issue where once starting to reply to a new topic you can’t back out of the reply to re-read the message.
Had to type the forum url in and return to the main page that way.

Weirdest thing is its not a consistent bug. I believe it was the first post by the user or something similar.
Doesn’t seem to work on other “fresh” topics currently.

Think we could get this patched and fixed at some point?
All it would take is to not unload the previous post data when the reply is initialized.

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Had my thread in the VR subforum deleted randomly, been around for 4 years or so and it made it through the migration intact (though with about 2 years of posts missing).

Now links to some random post in the forums, its also non existent in my personal post history.

Also seems that just in the last couple days, the activity tracker is all messed up. When I come back, my “new since last visit” indicator is all wonky and showing me stuff days and days ago when I have actually visited like 12 hours ago. I kind of grew to like this feature as a replacement for the old “view message from last day” or “view messages from last week” filtering.

I’ve gotten pretty used to the new forums, but I still miss avatars. I even have my own custom avatars:



We can’t edit posts anymore?

edit: We can’t edit old posts anymore?

So has there been any progress on fixing editing?

Looks like it’s been fixed. My oldest post is from March 13 and I can edit it now (which I couldn’t before).

@Amanda.Schade Also, there’s a bug with hidden posts & the activity feed: when signed in, I can’t scroll my entire activity feed anymore because it stops just before a hidden post; it stops at this post: Coming Soon: The Unreal Engine forums are leveling up! - #255 by midgunner66, where my post before it is hidden. When signed out, I can scroll the entire thing, so it only happens on the user’s account.

Anyone else seeing a BUG with quoting sometimes. It goes like this. Highlight the text in any post and click on Quote. Add some comments and hit Reply This actually deletes the inserted quote completely and increments the # beside post last edited icon (forcing you to re-add the quote). This is a relatively recent bug, it wasn’t happening in the early days. Browser: Firefox.

Here’s an example

Look closely at the post EDIT HISTORY. Quote is added, but then removed by Discourse 1-2 seconds after posting. And then has to be added again manually. Anyone else seeing this? @Amanda.Schade

Nope, the option is unavailable to me on any of my posts I have looked at, with the exception of those I made in this thread over the last couple days.

The edit option is now missing from the posts I made in this thread last week. Please fix post editing. Thanks!

Ok, I think I know the problem. You don’t have a high enough trust level; you’re a “basic user”, whereas I’m a “member”. This may be it, it may not be; idk.

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Neat. Guess I’ll just keep posting here every day until I’m trusted with the great responsibility that comes with being able to edit my own posts. :slight_smile:


It is now day 16, and post editing is still broken.

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It is now day 20, and post editing is still broken.

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You’re still at “Basic”, not “Member”, which could be the problem.

You can read about the trust levels here:

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All of these trust levels have edit limits, with the exception of the last one which is literal global moderator status, and requires manual promotion by a staff member.

That is clearly not a feasible solution.