Combined armswing locomotion, climbing and jumping (parkour stuff)

Hi guys,

I did a quick experiment with armswing locomotion and climbing including a gesture based jump mechanic. Im showing off the idea here and hope for some feedback and ideas on how to improve it. Also im eventually gonna post a few videos on how i set it up, so keep an eye out on my channel if it sounds like an interresting idea.

Also i’ve experimented a bit with the Stereo layers for rendering a FOV limiter using CanvasRenderTarget2d and a simple material.

When i get it working a bit better, i’ll see if i can upload a demo of it also for play testing. Minus the rocks, which take up tons of space :stuck_out_tongue:

If you own a HTC Vive, you can try out a simplified version. Any feedback are highly appreciated. Known bug: You can accidentially punch your own collision capsule.

Thank you. I used this demo and it work fine. I think this locomotion type is alive.

Just added a new version:

Download new demo here:

Probably the file is damaged. At least I have an error when opening.

Nice climbing system. Can you upload the project files? or at the least post screens of the climbing BP?

The VRLocomotion8 is failing? Hmm… i’ll have to check it. Anyone else had this run?

I will eventually do some tutorial videos on how it’s all setup. But don’t have enough time to do them atm. So be patient.

I’m having problems downloading in the Chrome browser. FireFox also posed a mistake, but I was able to download a file. I think you must downloading this file again, because many people are interested in it a full body. I will give my feedback later. And thanks for your work.

Added flight to the locomotion and started experimenting with some menus. See a preview of it here:

Really awesome!

Here’s another WIP video:

Cool !

May i ask you how you did the resizing ?

I measure my in game char. In my case he’s about 180cm (i think) and then i measure distance between the two controllers when player is standing in a t-pose. Divide these two numbers and multiply by 100 to get to cm and you’re good to go. I also do a check with hmd height, but can use the hands only.

New test build uploaded btw.

Hello, great stuff. How do you did collider to the character vr pawn?

Wow, this is so awesome!!!

That looks great Jonas!

Can you ELI5, or at least point me out on how you’ve made the IK work please?

thanks guys, as mentioned a few places now, the movement logic is just a matter of moving a regular collision capsule around, while simulating physics. I then have my pawn follow that capsule, that’s the basics of my setup. It doesn’t work perfect currently, hence im a bit reluctant to ellaborate further on it, until im more confident it’s a good solution.

For the IK, i have a series of tutorials for the complete setup. Go watch that :wink:

Oh! Will do! :o