Combined armswing locomotion, climbing and jumping (parkour stuff)

Updated with WIP7 including preliminary version of walking up and down stairs + some finger tracking experimentation.

Those of you who are interrested in details to any of it, please catch me on Discord, as i don’t have much time at the moment, so will have to wait some with actual tutorials. But they will eventually come.

Updated with WIP8 where i experiment with navigation in zero gravity by allowing pushing yourself around. It’s a very early POC, and nothing is set in stone yet, so i may end up rewriting the entire thing again if i come up with a better approach.

Very soon i’ll upload a playable demo to try out yourself.

Here’s a test build to try out the push mechanic yourself, and the finger stuff:

This is nice, does it include the full body character and pawn? I’m downloading as we speak

It’s not a project download. It’s a packaged demo. But yes, it should include it all. However, i got a tutorial series on how to set it up using IKinema.

Thanks for the link man, I’m gonna watch the series (=

anyway you can upload source? for the armswing, climbing etc…?