Colored sky in a new project

After I did something in my current project (I worked with Post process and BP_sky_sphere), something happend to the engine. And now when I create a pure new project I see this:

If I delete SkyLight and BP_Sky_Sphere, I get this:

What happend to the engine? Is it a bug? How to fix it?

Hi Defale -

Did you make any adjustments and save those adjustments to the BP_Skysphere or materials connected to the BP_Skysphere? Also, did you make any adjustments to the Base*.ini files in the Engine directory?

From what you are describing, it looks like you have saved information into Engine Content which is referenced by all projects. I would recommend to go into your Project where the settings look correct and duplicate the BP_Skysphere and all related Engine COntent to the Content directory of that project and clean up any redirectors, insuring that all referenced assets in the actual level are connected to the duplicated Content assets and not the Engine Content Assets. Once that has been done and saved, I would go into the Engine Install directory and delete the BP_Skysphere and any assets that you might have changed. You will be looking for BP_SkySphere.uasset file. Making sure that the engine is closed when you delete them as well.

Finally open the Epic Games Launcher, going to the library and verify the version of the engine, which will redownload the deleted files in their original format.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks, that worked!