Color Lookup Table Collection

Hello there!

Today I give you 100 color lookup tables for different art styles and lighting conditions. You can see an example of what they can do in the video;

Download the rar. file > Extract the folder to your project’s content folder > Plug the LUT you pick into Color Grading slot of your volume/camera post process > Magic!

They can be pretty handy sometimes so enjoy!

Update: Check out this thread for more LUT’s from Tom Shannon!

Whoa that’s really cool! Thank you for all of these! :wink:

Thanks Jacky!

Thanks Jacky!

It’s amazing you blended through them all on the fly!



Wow…Amazing Jacky. Thank you for the collection. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.
It will be really helpfull to me to add a bit visual effects where i would have do nothing (because i am johnsnow skilled in texture rendering lighting and hum you know, those things ^^)

Thanks Jacky!
This will probably be useful for a lot of people.

You’re welcome everyone!

Thanks men

thank you very much !!
Could you please give us an idea of ​​how blend through them?
of course, if it’s not too much to ask. :slight_smile:

Sure, but it’s not as magical and practical as you think, so get ready to be disappointed. :\ I just lined up several PP volumes, plugged different LUT for each of them and made the camera pass through them.

Well actually that is exactly what I wanted ;).
Basically to apply transitions from indoors to outdoors.
Something like this (plugin for Unity)

Thanks again!

Ah, good then. :slight_smile: Also keep in mind that you may need to increase/decrease the blend radius depending on the scale and transition distance of the interior and exterior.

Very nice indeed :slight_smile:

Downloaded , thank you , Tom Shannon too

Say, thanks for the resources! Much obliged.

hi guys there is any video tutorial about how to make an LUT, i found this very confusing Color Grading and Filmic Tonemapper | Unreal Engine Documentation

Color lookup tables arent UE4 specific contents so you can watch UDK tutorials on how to make them as well. Like this one:

Thanks for sharing…:slight_smile:
A kind of a"whim" sparks my mind… :wink: What about If my camera is static…!!;
Is it possible to create transitions from LUT to another…? For example (many post process volumes with a unique LUT for each one) making them moving to contain that static camera…?? Using Matinee; may be…!!?
Sorry; it is just a “whim” :cool:

It is possible to do that if you make post process settings for each LUT and then interpolate between them by lerp’ing their blend weights. And you dont need to use post process volumes either, you can handle it in player camera’s post process.