Color Dodge - how to make a similiar effect to photoshop?

Hi KlarKKenT,

Sorry for the delay. How exactly are you setting up the blend mode? Feel free to upload a screenshot. The way color dodge is calculated in UE4, you will need to make sure the texture and color are added in the proper order.

Here is my setup and result:

Here is the same result using just the math behind color dodge. You can also double-click the Blend_ColorDodge node to see exactly what it’s doing:

With this, I get the same color dodge effect that Photoshop uses except the saturation level will be a bit different. You will need to adjust the saturation to get UE4 to match Photoshop exactly.

Let me know if that helps.


Awesome, glad you got it working! Thank you for posting your solution.

Good luck with your project!

So we are trying to achieve a similar to Color Dodge Blend Mode from photoshop effect for some of 2d sprites in our game.

We are using Blend Function - Color Dodge and have tried all Blend Modes, but for some reason it just doesn’t come close to how it looks in PS.

Any suggestions on what we are missing?

Hi TJ,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve actually managed to figure it out. It was really simple to be honest, I just was struggling to get one sprite to work with others in the scene. I’ve solved it by just using SceneColor as a base.

If anyone will have the same question here how it looks like:


Scene color does not work on User Interface domain. Any work around?

ok I found a work around for the User Interface.

Basically I am making a color dodge based on Transparency values.
To use this with the UE4 color dodge blend, first I had to replace all the transparent data with black background which essentially makes no color dodge . I did this in UE4 by inverting my alpha channel then Lerp’ing to black.

After applying the color dodge it has a very strange effect without any alpha information, but at least it is color dodging correctly.

To fix this, I then Lerp’ed to my original background using the alpha of my intended color dodge image, and voila. Works as expected.
(minus the intensity not being as much as I expected, but this could be due to some differences in how I made my menu animation in photoshop versus Unreal; I unfortunately am lacking some workarounds for the photoshop Adjustment layers still)

This is the color dodge texture I am using:

lame I found a work around and made a post for it, but for some reason it did not post it

You need to use black color information to represent no color dodging. Then you can Lerp between the color dodge effect and any transparency information you needed to use

A UI material I devised this workaround for:

This is the color dodge texture I am using here: