Collisions with Static Meshes

Hey now,
So ive been Making a Two stick shooter and ive created a ship that shoot projectiles, Ive began to create Enemies but they do not detect/react to collisions from the Projectiles from the player. For example i have Moveable objects that have Physics Simulation enabled and they detect hits/collisions from the projectiles but the Static Objects/Actors do not detect collisions/hits unless they have Physics simulation enabled, which i do not want enabled, so how do i create collisions on static objects from projectiles?


The issue is also not that the Mesh does no have a Collision Frame/Box as i have already Created one.
alt text

There are a bunch of things that involves collision, please check all of these tips:
As you are not explaining if you are interested in physical or query collision, I will assume bout.

  1. if you want to query collision when overlapped, remember that bout actors (bullet and target) should have their “generate overlap event” in true, it doesn’t work if one is in false.

  2. if you want that the bullet push whatever is hitting, you need to activate physics collision in the STATIC MESH, if you did your own static mesh, for sure is turned off.

open static mesh (not the blueprint) search for this property and set it in “Use Complex Collision As Simple”
Also Collision Presets should be “Block All”.

This will cause your mesh to have a real shape that will collide with the target.


Let me know if it worked for you.