Collision between static mesh and skeletal mesh?

Is there a way to have a skeletal mesh collide with a static mesh? I need to do this because I have a character skeletal mesh and a floor static mesh. Any help would be great!

If you give your skeletal mesh collision and physics it should collide and interact with other collisions in the environment such as the floors (static mesh) collision.

You can do this by creating a physical asset for the skeletal mesh and then assigning it.

(Enable collision through the physical asset)

Hello, my skeletal mesh interacts only with static mesh who enable simulate physics. What should I do ? I created a physical asset

I have the same problem. Collision doesn’t work unless one of the meshes is simulating physics.

I also am having an issue, but for me, my skeletal mesh is the floor, so i cant figure out how to get it to block stuff as if it was a static mesh collider. such as walking on it.

yea I know that works, what I meant was I have a skeletal mesh that is being used as a world structure body, in my case a door. The animation was to complex to try and timeline it in ue4. So I just used a skel anim.

The issue is yes it will bounce off the level stuff, but I need it to have its collision act just like a static mesh so it can block the player and npcs.

I solved this by using a simple box volume that i just turn on and off based on the door state, but i would like to use an accurate collision based on the mesh if possible.

If collision doesn´t work, try to set Collision complexity and collision presets inside the Static mesh.

this worked for me: