Cloud/Fog System

I am wanting to make fog/cloud system on the ground that you walk through. Is there a way to do this in unreal? Or should I just build the clouds/fog in blender.

You could use particles, or potentially meshes.

I’m gonna experiment some with the particles cause I didn’t even think about them.

Well, how much do particle systems affect performance? Because I am going to be covering an area as far as you can see and walk in any direction. (decent size town probably 20-40 buildings with some other things such as a fountain and statue)

Did you search for “fog” in the UE4 docs?

i didnt see a good fog myself. i saw fog sheets and some particle additives but no real “volumetric fog”. Kinda surprised me to be honest.

Yeah, and I guess fog isn’t really a good word. Volumetric cloud is more what I am thinking, here is an example. Sorry should have specified better. I need to make small versions of these that will lay on top of the ground.

I’m not nearly far enough along to need this yet, but I hope to do the same kind of thing you are after Tarethrial. My plan was also to investigate the sprite/particle system for the purpose, so I’ll be keen to hear how it works out for you when you try.

I guess there will be some tradeoff between sprite size and how much overdraw/fill-rate-burn you’ll have. It might take some experimenting to find a good visual quality vs. performance sweet spot.