CLion - How to debug on Windows?


I have been considering making a complete switch from Visual Studio to CLion on Windows. So far everything has worked well (with the exception of the CMakeLists.txt backslashes bug), I just can’t get debugging working for Unreal on CLion.

Since CLion doesn’t yet support debugging for Visual Studio compiler, I have been trying to use other compilers and so far have only been able to compile with Cygwin. Everything works as expected except when trying to debug the code.
I get the following error on the debug log: (gdp) No symbol table is loaded. Use the "file" command.

I can attach CLion to the process or launch the .exe directly. The debug logging works but it is not possible to actually debug the code since the symbols are not loaded.

I have tried building both as Release and Debug on CMake and the Unreal project configuration, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect on debugging.

I don’t have much experience using CMake nor CLion, so I am wondering if there is a specific setting or something that I might be missing to build and load the symbols. Or is it not possible to debug using CLion currently?

Thank you!