Client side character movement

i have sprite people runing around in my game that have no game play relevance. i was hoping to not replicate there movement as its unnecessary (they cant interact with the player in any way). they dont have any Ai they simply have me imputing a vector every frame with Add input vector and turning them every few seconds. they are a blueprint class derived from character. at the moment with replicate movement turned off they do nothing on the client despite the fact they seems to be running there logic. i expect this is because the AI controller doesn’t exist on the client and/or the character movement component is not designed to run on a client machine.

if anyone could point me in the right direction in terms of how to tackle this id be ecstatic. these sprite people are really just a background effect there is not need for them to replicate as they don’t need to be at all consistent between server and client but things in the character movement component would be useful to keep such as update only if rendered ect

If they are decorations, I suggest not deriving them from a character, but rather just make an actor that you simulate. Then you don’t have to battle the engine wanting to replicate them.

if i program something similar as just an physics actor it doesn’t work well. i find a lot of reference to SlideAlongSurface in the UCharacterMovementComponent and i think its important as otherwise actors just get stuck on the tiniest bit of collision. i was hoping someone could point me to a way of making my own custom movement component that can run on a client. i thought someone might have already dug into the depths of the Character Movement Component.

ended up making a new movement component all together… not as complex as first thought. you where right really, i was barking up the wrong tree. thanks for the answer :slight_smile: