Client Possession Out of Sync

I’m working on simply setting up some basic variables inside the controller during possession that are only needed to be known by the owning client of a custom controller. In my attempt to do this, the functions Possess() on a Controller and PossessedBy() on a Pawn are the perfect place to initialize these settings.

However! Not all is well during the possession, it seems that when a client starts up at the beginning of the game, they receive their controller as PlayerController_0, which is what’s passed through during all the possession functions for both Pawn and Controller. Afterwards, PlayerController_0 disappears from all knowledge and is replaced by PlayerController_1 which doesn’t seem to transfer over settings from PlayerController_0 for the client, and no new Possession chain is called.

This is painful, as I can’t exactly set my variables now without a workaround due to the out of sync possession, is there anyone who can explain to me what I’m missing?


void ABLTPlayerController::Possess(class APawn* inPawn)

	UE_LOG(LogPC, All, TEXT("=== ABLTPlayerController ==="));
	UE_LOG(LogPC, All, TEXT("%s"), *GetName());
	UE_LOG(LogPC, All, TEXT("inPawn = %s"), *inPawn->GetName());
	//Just gives us a reference to our own specific custom pawn so we don't have to constantly cast


void ABLTPlayerController::Test(APawn* inPawn)
	UE_LOG(LogPC, All, TEXT("Currently: %s"), *GetName());
	CharacterPawn = Cast<ABLTPlayerPawn>(inPawn);
	TestPawn = inPawn;

Here is a photo of the log that shows it starting off as PlayerController_0 and setting variables, then becoming PlayerController_1 afterwards with no sign of the original PlayerController_0