Character lighting changes when moving between different surfaces


I’ve got 2 different surfaces and each time I jump from the one to the other the lighting changes. The first one is perfect but the other one too dark. I’ve been trying to make the darker one lighter but whatever I try, it does not seem to work.

Perfect lighting:

Darker lighting:

Hi there, did you setup lights as movable? Looks like you want dynamic lighting.

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I’ll have to check that. Good idea tho, thanks.

Did make it a little bit lighter but not entirely how I want it.

Are you using UE 4.27, correct? Did you set lighting quality as production, engine settings as high or epic, and bake the lights aftwards? Do you have the same issue in UE5 with Lumen enabled?

Correct, yes, yes, yes, I don’t use UE5.

Do you think it’s possible that the material has something to do with the lighting on a character?

It can be, and many factors can influence that behavior. I can’t help you with that. Is this happening with other actors in the level? Let’s see if someone steps in to help you out.

It’s happening with my boat character as well.

Fixed it by using character lighting with a different channel.

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