Character forcing turn towards certain direction when swimming up or down

So I have a water volume set up and it works fine. The issue I’m having is that when I swim up (when pressing space set up with an axis mapping with a value of 1) or down (when pressing shift set up with the same axis mapping but a value of -1). For some reason my character turns towards a specific direction when going up or down. heres the video as a demonstration - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

in the video I’m only pressing space and shift to go up and down, the character is turning by itself. heres the swim up/down blueprint -

Thanks to the UnrealSlackers Discord, I got some help. Instead of the add movement input node, i used Addactor local offset. On the delta location pin, i split it and added 1 to the value. Because i was using up AND down on my axis mapping with space being 1 and shift being -1, i needed 2 add actor local offset nodes. So from the axis value, i called an == bool. and if the axis value was == 1 (Up) I added actor local offset with Z of 1. If axis value == -1 i added actor local offset of -1 on the z (down).
I hope this helps people. Here’s a screenshot of what Mine looks like -