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Create your own character or empower the players of your game to create and customize their own characters. The runtime customization allows you to use a system which you can find in many (MMO)RPGs. Either create pre-defined characters (can also be used as NPCs) or let the player create its own character.
Morph targets allow for easy customization of the body shape. Choose from different colors, and styles for skin, hair and facial hair. Choose from different props and clothing assets. Props and cloth automatically adjust to the proportions of the character. The included model is rigged and scaled to the Epic skeleton so that animations from the marketplace work right out of the box. The project includes a small gameplay demo which showcases how the character creator can be integrated your game.

**#Update 2: Female body WIP: **

#Update 1: Female mesh is currently being textured. WIP:

[Reserved for future updates]

Any News on the Female Update?


My only hangup with purchasing this is clothing / armor generation, and animation support / animation clipping. What documents / tutorials should I delve in to in order to alleviate my concerns?

The Character Creator is currently on sale during the Summer Sale!

Get it now for a discounted price: Custom Character Creator in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

When will the female model be included?

Your tool looks really great, gg :wink:

Just needs to be textured. After that the female character will be included. Little preview:

Thank you!

A little bird tweeted me that nudity is a rejection issue for market assets? So while i prefer full textures, not sure how conservative the market rules are laid out with this one. If this gets rejected please consider to sell it on Gumroad, thanks.

omg sweet! bro i am excited for this as the studio is coming to the point of needing this done lol

Yes, you are right. However, like the male character, the female character will not be naked, but rather be dressed in underwear.

Glad to hear you like it :slight_smile:

Could you add a belt version with just the belt? There are issues with the shirt morph targets, often breaking through the character skin during animations. Pants are fine.

Can you provide me a screenshot of the issue you are having? That way I can fix it more easily.

Also, I quite didn’t get what you meant with “just the belt”. Can you elaborate?

Hi, do you have plans to include a low poly model on this asset? It looks awesome by the way.

Video link

Can users uplaod their own character models for use?

Two low poly versions are already included. You can just use the LODs for that. LOD2 has only 3700 vertices. You could either export the LODs and import them as their own model, or just force the LOD on the current character. That way you get your low poly version automatically.

Okay. I’ll have a look and will fix the issues in the next update. Thanks for reporting this bug!

Yes, you can use your own character model. However, you will need to set up morph targets in your modeling program for all the sliders to work correctly. Best way to handle this is export the character that comes with the system, import them into e.g. Maya and then model your character in the same way.