Character commonly falls through landscape mesh

There seem to be invisible gaps and areas where the landscape mesh allows my player character to fall through it. Visually there are no gaps, and the wireframe looks solid, but the character tends to clip through the mesh a lot, especially on slopes.

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Unfortunately, I have been unable to reproduce this effect thus far. What is your player’s collision and the collision of the landscape set to? Thank you!

I experience this problem quite often (clipping through slopped landscape) and posted about it recently. weighed in and confirmed its been an issue since beta:

I’d love to know if its still being investigated

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I just checked and Cynistyr is correct. This is still being assessed to find an adequate solution to the bug. Thank you for your patience!

I can confirm, steep terrain is where I can repro this consistently. This is unfortunate because it limits the usefulness of terrain quite severely. Are there any workarounds currently? Perhaps we could set up a blueprint node that does a line trace from the player’s knees upward and if it hits the terrain object it moves the player vertically above the terrain again? I’m not sure if that’s a sane approach or not.

#I have Made a Landscape Collision Fix Plugin

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It is not a fix for the actual issue, it is a “patch”, quite literally, but it works so well that I can finally rely on my landscape collision utterly and completely! Videos at the forum link below!

, you are a beast! I don’t know how you get this all done but you do. Thank you!

#This Issue Has Been Totally Fixed As of Engine Version 4.3 !

I have wonderful news for you all!

** Porter has fixed the Landscape Collision Issue, with help from Zak Middleton!**

Porter deserves many flowers and butterflies sent in his general direction!

And, best of all,

This fix is live as of 4.3!

#Solution Thread

I am having this issue in UE4 v 4.7

Hi vbs,

Does this occur in a clean project? For instance, if you open a Third Person Blueprint Template project and create a landscape, does this occur? Is it when the land is at a specific slope angle or does this occur for you any time you touch the landscape?

I’m pretty sure it occurs only on slopes or areas where I painted with the “re-topology” tool (sorry I can’t precisely remember it’s name) let me know if you want me to look it up. It does not occur on hills that have not been "re-topologized”, if that makes sense.

We have a similar issue after updating from v4.6.1 to v4.7 - Characters are now falling through the landscape in certain areas. Is it possible that the old fix to CollisionConversions.cpp no longer works? or do you think we have to create a new landscape using 4.7? which is easier said then done in our case!

It’s back in 4.7.1.

Any fixed for this? ><;

I have this issue in 4.7.1 as well. Whenever i smoothsculpt the terrain it is fixed tho. but it’s not something fun.

Note: I have no problems as long as I don’t use the “Retopologize” tool.

For us, after migrating to 4.7 / 4.7.1 the character started falling through the terrain in certain areas only after rebuilding geometry and restarting the editor. Is there a bug number for this issue?

Can everyone confirm that this only occurs when you have used retopologize or does it occur on landscape areas that have not had this tool applied? Additionally, try using “RecreateLandscapeCollision” console command.

In my case, like I mentioned earlier, I only have the problem when I use the “retopologize” tool, otherwise no issues. I was not aware of the “RecreateLandscapeCollision” console command, thanks.

  • We have never used “retopologize”
  • Using RecreateLandscapeCollision had no effect

The character which was fine in 4.6 now falls through the terrain in 4.7 & 4.7.1
What we did:

  1. Landscape was create before 4.5

  2. Updated to 4.7 / 4.7.1

  3. Rebuilt Geometry or Pathing,

  4. Restarted Editor (works fine the first time before restarting the editor)

  5. Characters fall through the terrain in areas that were fine before the update

Please Note:

  1. The Navmesh that used to cover that area no longer builds over the areas that the Players/NPCs/Vehicles fall in.

  2. The areas that they fall in are not exactly very steep either, they just have a change in direction in one of the axis which may imply a math issue

  3. Our Terrain is 5x5 km in a mountainous region

  4. This issue is a show stopper for us any help is much appreciated!

Thank you!

I have used repotologize on one section in my map far away from where it is occuring.
If i smooth or resculpt the zone it does fix it, but after a it is back again. As i’m fully developing the level design this is a really hard setback in my effieciency on not being able to test out the map. Also as soon as this problem occured my “simulated physics” meshes started falling through the ground.