Chaos on Wheels - New vehicular combat game

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you guys something my team and I have been working on for quite some time. I’m Dominik Condic, the COO of Acodeon, developer of Chaos on Wheels.

Short story: In 2020 my friend (Aron Gaspic) and I dropped out of college with the dream of shaking up the game development industry. We realized that by working together we can produce amazing things.

We believe that the vehicular combat genre can offer so much more to players than it offers right now, and because of that, we want to restore the vehicular genre to its old popularity. We know we had so much fun playing those types of games, and we want to give an opportunity to newer generations of players to experience all the fun vehicular combat genre can offer.


  • Cool armored and weaponized cars
  • Car customization
  • Destructible environment
  • Multiplayer PVP
  • Singleplayer arena
  • Campaign
  • Special rockets
  • Pickups
  • Chaos garage, up to 5 custom cars
  • 4 different shooting types
    • Main Machine gun
    • Dual Front Machine guns
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Homing Missile Launcher
  • Profile Level progression
  • Unique drivers
  • Equippable armor, weapons, and gadgets
  • Achievement & unlock system
  • Turrets & Hazards
  • Driver abilities
  • Upgradable armor, weapons, and gadgets
  • Ammo selection
  • Helios
  • … and more to come, as we’re still in development

We have a Demo version on Steam if you would like to try it.

If you are interested in our project or you got any ideas or suggestions, you can find us here: Discord - Twitter - Website

Thanks for passing by, any feedback is welcome, and have a great day!


“Chaos on Wheels” looks impressive and seems like a BLAST to play! From watching your reveal trailer, I’m reminded of how much fun I had playing vehicular combat games as a child; specifically, “Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012” comes to mind. I can’t wait to try out the demo of your creation! :star_struck:


Thank you for nice words. Almost every gamer had some vehicular combat game in their childhood (mine was Carmageddon and Twisted Metal) but today there are a few games of that type, sadly :slightly_frowning_face:. That is why we decided to try reviving vehicular combat. Have fun trying out the Demo! :blush:

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The pleasure is all mine! I had a chance to try the demo, and might I say, “Chaos on Wheels” is so much fun! The graphics are terrific, and the gameplay is smooth like butter. I didn’t try multiplayer because I assumed multiplayer wasn’t implemented yet. :sweat_smile:

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Glad that you liked it :partying_face:. Yea, multiplayer is not available in the Demo version but we are bringing it in the Early Access :blush:.


AMAZING!!! A reimagination of Vigilante 8 with modern graphics and gameplay! This is the recipe of success. I will try the demo as soon as I get a free time!


Your words made my day :blush: thank you. Hope you will have fun with the Demo!
Btw, it would be nice if you leave feedback after trying the Demo. It means a lot to me and my team to help us understand the ups and downs of the game.


Off course, I am also a game developer myself, recently released my game on Steam, and the players feedback of the demo was ESSENTIAL to shape the game better. Now I moved to UE4 (the original version was developed in UDK/UE3 Engine) for making a remake of my game:

I can not promise when, but yeah, I will try your game, and I will buy it on Steam, for sure!


Awesome! Congratulations :partying_face: on finishing and releasing your game. I hope it went well for you :blush:.
May I ask, since you are switching the Unreal version, why did you choose UE4 over UE5?


For the same reason I have choosen UE3 over UE4. Whenever I began the development of my game, after many years studying 3d, animation and general programming, in mid 2013-2014, UDK Engine, the free version of UE3 was the top notch engine for indie games, since Unity was not that powerful in comparison to UDK and UE4 was still not launched yet. I do not like to use a game engine which is stil under development, because this I have choosen UE4, since it is already stable and has everything I need for my game, and there are many marketplace assets which do not work outside the box on UE5, and I am relying on the marketplace to make my game in UE4 faster and with better quality.



Okay, I understand. Fair enough.
I personally also don’t like to use unfinished programs. When something bad happens, I don’t know if it was my fault (should I start working on the solution) or the program just failed (because it is not finished).


Early Access - Release delayed

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I love the idea of this game… It gives me retro car shooter vibes, but with the outstanding graphics of unreal engine… I love the concept and cant wait to play the demo


I’m happy to hear that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Hope you will enjoy the demo and don’t forget to leave feedback (It means a lot to us :blush:).

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Delays happen in gaming development, but new opportunities are always neat! Good luck to you and the team; I’m sure Chaos On Wheels will be absolutely amazing upon early access release. :partying_face:

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Thank you for your support. :blush:

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The monthly update for September 2022 is here. Hope you guys are going to like it :blush:


A lot of people were bothered by why our cars are so perfect. Cars looking like yesterday were on the production line, and now fighting in a harsh environment and yet still looking dope. I guess bullet holes weren’t enough, so we added scratches and some other minor details. The more damaged your car is, the more scratched it looks. If you were looking for the rust as well, stay tuned because we’ll have a surprise for you :wink: Stop talking, show me pictures! Fair enough, here it is :point_down:


What car combat would be if you can’t at least some buildings destroy, right? To be honest, adding complex destructible ain’t easy, but we spend some time for you and have a few destructible to show you. Let’s hope you’ll like it! :grinning: We also did add some more smaller destructible, but you’ll have to wait to try it out for yourself :sunglasses:
Link → Chaos on Wheels - Monthly Update 01: Complex Destruction - YouTube


Have you ever driven by a huge field of corn, wheat, or sunflower and wondered how awesome would be if you could just make a small drive-thru? Say no more, we’re here to make that available. We added “destructible” crops :sunflower::corn::ear_of_rice:
Link → Chaos on Wheels - Monthly Update 01: Crops - YouTube


With all the new stuff we created, Valley map was finally on schedule to receive all the assets it has been waiting for a long time. Hopefully, it wouldn’t feel that empty anymore :wink:
Valley now has a lot of destructible, nice level layout, and much interesting stuff to check out during your merciless battle.
Link → Chaos on Wheels - Monthly Update 01: Valley Revamp - YouTube


Animals are the new members of Chaos on Wheels. How and where you can find them, and what they do, you’ll have to wait and see for yourself, because we don’t want to make PETA angry, at least before we have to :thinking::joy:
Hint: it’s not something it wasn’t before in games :yum: khm… Carmageddon… khm


A small detail but awesome is landscape vehicle trails. There really isn’t much to tell, just see it. Wow! :star_struck:


Not every terrain leave deep trails, some have just surface trail. We got those too :point_down:


Since we made a lot more minor improvements, we won’t be showing them all, but at least we’ll name a few of them:

  • Level Cliffs polish
  • Reduced camera shake on the main fire
  • Motion blur added
  • Support bots spawn logic reworked
  • Balancing
  • More voice actors added
  • Added more destructible on Abandoned Race track level
  • Added water reaction to vehicle movement
  • Garage ammo selection reworked
  • New names for equipment

I’ve been thinking about the progress of Chaos on Wheels since the last time playing and it’s great to see that progress is going well. Thank you for including and compressing all of this wonderful information into a single post! These screenshots look phenomenal; I’m looking forward to the next update. :grin:


Thank you for the kind words :blush:. Will keep up with the updates every month.

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The pleasure is all mine! I hope your team stays well, and keep up the excellent work! :partying_face: