Change name of the whole project

I want to start coding my game with the FPS sample, and im asking if there is a way to change its name for classes and references as a whole, or i have to change it all 1 by 1 or just copypasting the code little by little into a clean project. Im asking this becouse my game can be benefited a lot by the weapon system and multiplayer in the sample.

There isn’t really a way to do this yet, but we’ve discussed the possibility a few times here. The “new project templates” are designed to work this way – we author them using a generic name here, and the project wizard will rename all of the files and classes automatically for you. Templates work with this feature, but Sample games do not. It should be fairly easy to rename the project itself. What is going to take the most time is renaming the actual C++ classes, and adding class redirects where necessary so that any existing content will still work with your new class names.


Thank you for your answer, im starting from the FPS template and start porting code from the sample

It would be a nice feature to have. If we want to change the name of it, we have to migrate all our stuff to a new project.