Change Light colour of the inner radius?

I’m trying to achieve a “flashlight” look with my light, but I need to darken the inner radius or apply a flashlight texture onto the light. Is there any way to do that?

Look into Light Functions and IES in the documentations.

You can also change it when you just choose a colour between two different colours (of course this way is a little bit limited -> you can only choose between few colours)


I’m sorry, but could you explain this a little more? If I change the colour, it changes the colour for both the inner and outer radius.

That’S the problem, you can just change the colour in a very limited way -> e.g when you put the little circle to a value between blue and pink then the inner radius will be blue and the outer radius a mixture between blue + pink.
But I would recommend you to try out what suggested. ^^ But my way also works, but of course not so well :stuck_out_tongue:

e.g basically at the picture above you see a bright yellow/orange in the inner part and a darker orange in the outer -> when you do the same with yellow + green you get a better result (yellow in the middle - green in the outer radius)