Change From Pixel to Vertex Lighting?

I would like to duplicate my sun source rotate it in the opposite direction and reduce it’s intensity. With this method I could fake indirect lighting from the sun. However, since the light component renders in pixel lighting I get on my metals sharp speculars.

Is it possible to set the second sun to light the enviroment per vertex lighting? Or is this not possible due a limitation of the deferred renderer?

Hello ,

UE4 utilizes vertex factories that is used with a deferred render pass in order to draw and calculate it’s materials on screen.

Vertex factories are made of mainly vertex shader code, as well as some pixel shader code.

Switching, between vertex shading and pixel shading is not supported.

Within your material you can add specular maps that can limit the amount of specularity that occurs on your mesh.

This accompanied with using a sky light as your second light can vastly improve the accuracy of how your materials are calculated.


Thank very much you , good to know!