Certain areas where movable objects are too bright


I have this scene and I need to have a moveable object. Almost everything is stationary execept for this door. The door is extremely lit up for some reason but if I move it a bit more to the center of the room it becomes normally lit. If I do the same on the other side of the room it will also be extremely lit. This only happens to those two sides. the other 2 sides of the room don’t have this problem. Also if I move the the whole room you can see everything gets lit in a certain area near the edge of the room.
Can anyone help with this problem, I have no idea how to fix it. I tried a lot of stuff…

I need some more information. What is your lighting setup, do you have lights coming in from outside the door? Do you have Lumen enabled? What lighting are you trying to achieve?


I have a BP_Sky_Sphere, DirectionalLight, ExponentialHeightFog, SkyLight and a RefelectionCapture and a few pointlights. They are all Stationary and most objects are static aswell except for the door wich should be movable. but the door is too bright and still is even after I hide all lights or stuff that impacts the light. The only light coming from outside the building is the DirectionalLight but it shines towards the well next to it with the windows.
Lumen is disabled. I want a bit of a dark room, carefully lit by light outside and the lamps inside but I like the lighting I have but that one moveable objects is so bright it ruins the whole scene…


It could be the reflection capture if it’s getting information from the outside as well or if a point light is close to it… Could you check the reflection only view if the scene looks ok?
It could also be the lack of lighting samples in the scene. Could you check the sample view if you have the whole scene covered with them?

Is there somehow an emissive channel in its material? Or something that would cause it to be that way, such as an emissive decal?

I moved a lot of lights, moved reflection cubes, changed some lighting setting, build a hallway behind the door and after a bake it was fixed. I’m not sure what fixed it but its fixed now… thankgod :’)

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