Certain actors not showing up in material reflections

How can I get them to show up in the reflection?

I’m sure there’s just a simple option for it somewhere, right? But I can’t find it…

What kind of reflection is it?

There is no real reflection with simple metal material.
You should try to enable screen space reflections in post process, or use reflection captures like sphere, box, or planar.

That’s just a simple metal material I made.

But I also tried some of the reflective starter content materials, all of which won’t reflect those actors either.

I’m still having trouble here… I enabled screen space reflections, and I added a sphere reflection capture to that spot in the scene, but neither of this changes fixed the problem. The cubes and the ball can still not be seen in the reflections, but thank you anyways. Or am I doing something wrong?

(Btw, it’s important I get this working. I wanted to make a puzzle where the player must look at the reflections to see what is going on around the corners.)

What’s more, “Visible in Reflection Captures” is enabled for those actors…!

For that purpose it is better to use Planar reflections

And check your editor settings. It must be “Epic” to show advanced rendering features.

Hang on I got it! In the “Engine Scalability Settings” the “Effects” was set to Medium. I set it to High, and now the reflections show up. Still looks a little smudgy, and they only show up when they’re close to the walls, but I’ll look into this and see if I can make it work.

Thanks, mate! Planar reflections did the trick! (If you want, you can submit “hello” or whatever as an answer, so I can accept it as correct, for you. ^^)

Here’s what I did: (For those interested,) After enabling “Support global clip plane for Planar Reflections” under “Project Settings”, I added a planar reflection to my scene, and positioned it’s wire box correctly around the wall I wanted to reflect. The planar reflection didn’t look good at first, (there was a white line at the bottom,) so I played around with it’s settings in it’s details panel until it looked good.

I’m glad that it useful for you )

I am having what I think is a similar, if not the same issue… (UE5/Lumen GI + Raytraced Reflections)

I have used the chaos destruction system to fracture a wall but it no longer shows up in the reflections around it… It’s kind of a big issue because the reflections are showing what’s behind the wall instead of showing the wall itself in the reflections.
Any help is appreciated I’m sure it’s just a setting I’m missing…

Screenshot attached. I’m really stumped on this one.