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Hello Everyone!

I am finally able to introduce to you the CCG Toolkit, a mixture of several months of hard work and motivation to bring an accessible, customizable,
and easy to use blueprint driven card game framework to the unreal community.

So what is it?

The CCG Toolkit is an expansive card game framework which focuses on the collectable card game genre. The toolkit features a wide range of
essential tools, interactions and functionality for creating your own single and multiplayer card games.

Users can easily jump in and begin creating custom cards, card sets, abilities, and battle arenas, and with the data driven and blueprint framework,
it is accessible to all experience levels.

Check out the Trailer!

Cards and card sets have been setup through a combination of structs and data tables. Because of this, card creation is simple, yet provides
a high amount of customization and control. The data ties into a wide range of out-of-the-box functionality and support which includes health,
attack, abilities, and visuals that allow users to create and instantly interact with their designs in-game.

With minimal setup time, abilities can be created through custom function libraries and linked in to be easily used with your cards.
Along with abilities, common ability triggers have also been included within the toolkit and are all accessible through the cards data table
and callable custom macros found within the toolkit.

Arena Creation
Arena’s consist of several core elements that make up the board. Along with board players, card placements have been included to be
independent and customisable to fit the layouts and supported card types you want. The toolkit includes several example arena layouts
which can be used as a reference or can be a base when creating your own designs.

A range of gameplay related tools have also been included to help in your development journey. The in-game card position editor
has been created as a visual and accessible way to design and setup up your own custom card layouts and easily see how they work in-game.
These interchangeable layouts can easily be called during play for any state, gameplay event or visual rule that your game may require.

Multiplayer has been build into the frameworks core with all the supported features working with listen and dedicated servers seamlessly
across the toolkit. Player and opponents also have replicated player states integrated into the UI setup to display common information and
visuals for both players. Server side functionality has been colour coded throughout the framework so it can be easily identifiable and help
guide developers who may be unfamiliar with the system.


  • 100% Blueprint Framework
  • Multiplayer support
  • NEW! Customizable Card Game AI + Debug UI
  • Highly customizable card creation
  • Deck builder - Create, Edit, and Save limitless custom decks
  • Card Manager which feature interchangeable positioning profiles
  • In-game card positioning editor and game tools
  • Deck Generator - Filter, Shuffle, and Weigh cards in deck
  • Customizable card placement
  • Board Players
  • Mouse-over card previews
  • Card graveyard
  • Several card abilities and ability triggers examples
  • Basic example and debug card sets
  • Player and opponent UI framework
  • Turn-based gameplay system
  • Player health and mana systems
  • Cards and board player interactions
  • Basic card movement and visual gameplay cues
  • Basic win and loose conditions
  • Turn and game timer’s
  • Simple main menu, deck selection, arena selection, and server selection menus
  • Several custom function libraries
  • Game log manager
  • 2D and 3D card art and assets
  • 7 Included arena’s

Any questions or comments you may have, please feel free to ask or follow the email linked below!

Intended Platforms: Desktop and Mobile
Tested Platforms: Windows and iOS

Support Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Documentation and Tutorials: Documentation – ccgtoolkit

Price: $49.99 CCG Toolkit in Blueprints - UE Marketplace


CCG Toolkit v1.1 - 29/9/2016

  • The Deck Builder is an interactive interface that allows users to easily create, customize, and save custom decks.

Deck Builder Features list:

  • Filter cards in the library by card Set, card type, rarity, and additional special filters

  • Search bar for searching for cards by their name

  • Order cards in the library by Name or Mana Cost

  • Select all or specify card sets to look and filter through

  • Load decks

  • Save limitless custom decks

  • Edit custom decks

  • In-menu screen card preview

  • Dynamic deck mana graph

  • Special data table that allows designers to create developer made decks for players and/or AI. Decks are created and instantly playable in-game after loading the deck builder.

  • Customize the Min and Max number of cards in the player deck

  • Edit custom deck name

  • Custom ‘Deck filters’ function library for filtering and collecting data about the deck or input cards array

  • Custom ‘Save’ function library for creating, loading, and saving decks

  • ‘Card Rarity’ can now be set on cards

  • Connect to games Via IP option when joining a game
    Note: This still requires the right router/server setup to successfully connect to players across the internet.

Updates and Changes:

  • Added: Moved from the Card Game Player Controllers’s, the ‘Card Game State’ now holds references to cards which are played on the board for each player. Players can now access their own or opponents cards directly instead of filtering through all cards on the board, using “AddCardToBoard”, “RemoveCardOnBoard”,and “GetBoardState” functions callable in the game state.
  • Updated: With the introduction of the deck builder, the Card Game Player Controller’s “Setup Deck” function has been updated to load all custom and pre-made (developer) decks.
  • Updated: Deck selection widget has been updated (Old Name: “Deck Row widget”, New Name:ExpandableDeckSelectionRow) to include a Mana and Card Rarity preview of the deck.
  • Updated: Minor Blueprint optimizations and improvements throughout the toolkit.
  • Updated: Main menu framework and design improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Get Card data will now return any (valid) requested card without needing to specify the card set.
  • Fixed: Card preview would remain on the screen after mousing over UI while the preview is displayed.
  • Fixed: OnDrop card particle and sound effect played every time the card moved back to its home
  • destination. OnDrop effects will only play when the card is placed on the board for the first time.

Documentation Updates:

  • Added: Recommended Editor Setup
  • Added: Out of the box Options
  • Added: Deck Builder Overview
  • Updated: ‘Adding Card sets to the game’ tutorial
  • Updated: ‘Ability Creation and Setup’ tutorial
  • Added: FAQ’s

CCG Toolkit v1.2 - 16/12/2016


  • Mega-Feature! Card Game AI – Card game AI has finally made it into the CCG Toolkit!

  • Personality Profiles – Create numerous profiles, setting the difficulty, priority lists, deck lists and more

  • Point’s Allocation – How the AI decides the value of different actions and plays

  • Spectator mode – Watch two AI players go head-to-head

  • Highlight playable cards in hand

  • Card Game State now holds information about the board – On top of cards, developers can now get reference to player specific placements (And how many positions they all hold) and player graveyards

  • GameStateSnapshots - Get and save the state of the game while playing

  • Battle History (Card interactions) is now recorded during play. (Backend – no UI)

  • Several New and Updated libraries with more helpful functions (Cards, Cards in Hand, Controller, Placements, Deck)

  • Ingame notifications are now supported during play and can be used to notify players of invalid actions with short descriptions

  • Added “Waiting on Player” UI to the screen when in multiplayer mode. UI also gives an option to spawn an AI opponent instead of waiting for a second player to enter the game

  • 6 new Card Examples

  • 4 New Abilities with several possible variants

  • Card Abilities now support “Affecting Player” setting which can be used to specify which player the ability can effect. New abilities can already use this feature

  • Card now have a new System Data section which includes the options for setting:

  • Card Purpose

  • Card Value

  • Card Play and Interaction Conditions – You can now create and set special per card conditions for both player and AI

  • Cards can now be easily sent directly to the graveyard from the players hand

  • Card states are now saved to the Card Struct within the 3D card actor

  • Graveyard holds the card struct information when they are sent to the graveyard. This state can also be used to bring a card back from the graveyard in the state it left the board (Health is reset)

Updates and Changes:

  • Example Card values have been tweaked and are now more balanced
  • All cards have been updated with the new system related information (Purpose, value
  • Moved most of the gameplay and setup related events and functions to Interface calls
  • “Card Game Player Controller” references have been removed and replaced with “Player ID” or “Controller” specific references. Additional functions have been created to easily get reference to controllers of controller IDs throughout the toolkit.
  • Cards now move to their owning players graveyard instead of the placements graveyard which is referenced
  • Minor Performance improvements throughout the toolkit
  • Updated all example arenas with various changes to the framework
  • Additional Improvements throughout the toolkit

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: “Divide by Zero” warnings that occurred from the Mana graph widget
  • Reworked: Some elements of the Opponent UI so it did not run several checks on each tick
  • Fixed: The Card Manager events in the player controller could sometimes go below zero after a number of cards were requested
  • UE4.14 Fix: Opponent UI would return a UI Parent Error. This is not required and has been removed.
  • UE4.14 Fix: Corrupt collapsed node when moving from 4.13 – 4.14
  • UE4.14 Fix: Drag-and-Drop no longer triggers the touch node within the player controller to drop the card. A simple event has been created as a workaround for this issue while it’s been looked at.

Documentation Updates:

  • Added: Card Game AI Overview
  • Updated: ‘Adding Card sets to the game’ tutorial
  • Updated: ‘Ability Creation and Setup’ tutorial

wow this looks fantastic!

Will keep an eye on it!

Thanks tamaster92!

Release date has been set for the 20th of July!

Update 1.1 is already in progress and features a number of improvements, including a deck building UI with customisable filters, stat graphs and a save/load deck system.

Ok got to admit this is pretty cool.

Going to pick it up if I can :slight_smile:


Cant Wait! surely insta buy

Congrats on having the CCG Toolkit added to the marketplace! I’ve been following this thread for a while now and look forward working with it.

One small question though, you said above that the release price would be 29.99, raising to 39.99 post-release, however the marketplace price is currently 39.99. Will the 29.99 release price still be offered?


Same here! Hoped for the release price but didn’t get one.

Your kit looks promising and I really want to have it, and since I’m still in school I don’t have much money, I was happy that you offered a cheaper release price.

Is there a way to still get the kit for 29,99?

Thanks Chris! (And everyone else!) I really appreciate the support :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the release price has be delayed slightly, but It is something I am definitely still wanting to do. If you can wait another week and you should be able to pick it up for that price!

The CCG Toolkit is now available on the Unreal Marketplace!

A number of beginner tutorials can be found in the official documentation to help you get started with the toolkit including, card setup, deck creation, how to get abilities working with your cards and many others. Download the latest at: Documentation – ccgtoolkit

If you have any questions about the toolkit, need any assistance with the content, or any support whatsoever then comment below or email at .

Want to see a feature? Vote on the toolkit’s trello page or use the email above to suggest features which you would like to see in the toolkit.

Feel free to use this thread to also show off what you are making with the toolkit, and as always, thank you for the support!

Please note: The Release price has unfortunately been delayed for around another week, but this is something I am still definitely wanting to do. Feel free to wait and keep an eye on this thread for when the sale release price goes live. The sale will be for 2 weeks to hopefully give you enough time to ask questions and find out whether the toolkit will work for you.

I just bought the asset and just found out that if you want to test your project you need to check the box dedicated server. whoops didnt know that. and also how do i play with my IOS and PC ?

Thanks! i will check the trello to see the coming features to this project :cool:

Hi Arukaito!

Thanks for checking out the toolkit. It should work with and has been rigorously tested on both listen and dedicated server setups. If there is an issue with running the toolkit without dedicated server checked, please let me know what platform and what you are seeing so we can isolate whats going on.

Multiplayer is setup to work with the project out of the box, however there are additional server related setups and minor project changes that are required for non-LAN (and mobile) projects that will need to be done on your end. This will ultimately come down to the type of platform/project you are creating, but as these changes require the UE4 source to build your own solutions, this is not something I was able to include in the toolkit. You can find out how to setup a dedicated server here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

Cross PC/ Mobile multiplayer support is something that I would like to look into in the future, however this is not something I can say will or will not work at the moment. If you are able to get it working then be sure to let us know! Thanks! :slight_smile:

After a short delay, the release sale price is now live! You can pick up the toolkit with 25% off between the 25th of July till the 7th of August.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the toolkit and provided feedback so far, it all will help make it even better in upcoming versions. If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply want to share your thoughts about the toolkit, feel free to comment below or follow the links provided above.

Cool project. Adding some dice functionality in there would be great, and some grid based movement.

Thanks pleewpleew! I will add your suggestions to the interest list for possible updates to the toolkit. If there is an example of what kind of game type(s) you are looking for to help give a better context on these ideas, then please to let me know.

I think Might and Magic, Duel of Champions is a good example. You have these lanes where you place your creatures, and they can either attach or move to another spot - archers go at the back. I think you’ll find interesting abilities in there as well. There are one or 2 games on steam that incorporate some dice functionality into card games. This may not be the standard, but would be great for those who do not want to build typical card games. I look forward to how your project evolves - good luck. I’ll probably stick around.

I have actually been keeping an eye on DICETINY which seems to include a simple dice mechanic. Good news, these both shouldn’t be to difficult to add to the toolkit. I already have a similar position movement planned, but ive added randomized dice to the features list on the trello page so this will also get in. I will likely look at these both again for update 1.2. Thanks again for the suggestions!

That was one of those that I was referring to…completely forgot its name there. Having ‘buildings’ - similar to what you’d find in Duel of Champions would also be interesting. I’ve been building a physical ccg for a while, and would like to create a digital version in the future, so I’ll keep an eye on your project. Looks great so far.

I love this and bought as soon as I saw it yesterday. I have been working on a project for a bit now and this saves me a lot of time. Great that my art sizes and all were a match! The thing is, yesterday (Windows 10) I did a stand-alone play and it launches with my health in place but the opponent health NULL and no cards populate. It is like the game did not initialize all the way. I just wanted to share that here in case there were missed steps, but I will also email you. Thank you for such a great contribution!