capsule lights turn into point Light

Hello Guys i have problem suddenly with the lighting
even though it was working nice few our before
and still perfect some in to another level
Can u guys tell why its happening

thanks for the help

Does it go away if you do a lighting rebuild? The warning message suggests major changes in either the lighting or level geometry since the last light bake so this could simply be a side effect of that.

Hope it will work lets try

the problem is that i have delete some point light then it fixed
so is there any light limitation ?

Do the area lights flicker back to point lights? What version are you in? I had a similar issue in 4.13 or 14 that was due to the Tiled clustering of lights. Once I disabled the tiled rendering, they stopped flickering back to point lights. You may or may not lose some benefits of the tiled rendering, depends on how many lights are in the scene.