Canvas Render Target 2D bug


we use Canvas Render Target 2D for Merge Mesh. it work very well.

link text

but some device crash. : (
logcat message.

W/Adreno-GSL( 1558): : sharedmem_gpumem_alloc: mmap failed errno 16 Device or resource busy
E/Adreno-GSL( 1558): : ioctl_kgsl_sharedmem_alloc: FATAL ERROR : (null)


W/Adreno-GSL(25118): : sharedmem_gpumem_alloc: mmap failed errno 12 Out of memory
E/Adreno-GSL(25118): : ioctl_kgsl_sharedmem_alloc: FATAL ERROR : (null)

crash device Name

  • LG G2
  • LG Gpro2
  • Vega Iron
    and many device crash.

i Think Snapdragon 800 , adreno 3XX device crash.

but disable Canvas Render Target 2D. work very well.

so i have two question. can i fix this bug. can Texture Merge Without using ‘Canvas Render Target 2D’. (2~5 textures)


logcat UE4 log

D/UE4 ( 1558): Ensure condition failed: Creations == Deletions [File:C:\Private\SVN\NextStageUE4\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\Slate\DebugCanvas.cpp] [Line: 19]
D/UE4 ( 1558): FProxyCounter::~FProxyCounter has a mismatch. 14116 creations != 14113 deletions

Hi Ruthless -

To get a better context for this question can you please post the linked PDF file to this Answerhub post? The link itself seems to only take me to a blank page, it may be region locked so I cannot view the contents.

Eric Ketchum

Hey Ruthless,

For tracking purposes we tend to not let issues remain unanswered for more than 4 days. Once you provide us with the information Eric previously request, we can continue to the bug reporting process.

Thank you,

we slove this problem.

create many cavnas render target2D texutre in one frame.

some device crash.

so we create one by one frame :slight_smile:

thank you.