Can't Package any Project

I cant package/cook any projekt.
Even an new Projekt with only starter content, alwasy leads to errors.

I also can’t build any C++ Projekts on 4.11.2

What i did:

Created new project in Unreal Engine Editor, (first character project with started content)

Name it “Myprojekt”

Tried to create build for windows x64. File → Package Project → Windows → Windows (64 bit)

Choose desktop folder to save project

Here the Errors:

[link text][1]

I managed to fix the building problem starting a projekt, with this method:

But packaging still fails.
Here is the new log:[link text][1]

98282-error.txt (92.9 KB)


Are you using the InstaLOD plugin?

No I only have the “Modo Matierial Importer Plugin” and “Substance” installed.

Found the Error Source!
It in fact is the “Modo Matierial Importer Plugin” that is causing the Problem. After disabling it, everything went back to normal.

Wonderful, let us know if you run into any other complications!