Can't Get Relative Rotation of Spring Arm in 4.17 and 4.18

I just can’t seem to get the relative rotation of the spring arm… no matter what the settings for Use Pawn Control Rotation and Inherit Pitch/Yaw/Roll… are… in 4.17 and 4.18

Checking on the forums… I see that other experienced users are having the same issue:

and also

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Would you mind giving me some more information. If you can give me reproduction steps it could help me better assist you with this issue.

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hi … here you go… just using a simple character pawn (yes the character is a palm tree… just for fun) with the spring arm… in Play In Editor, however I rotate the spring arm with the controller, the relative rotation remains zero on all axis.

Jupp I got same Issue and its not only the Spring arm…it appears that its all components that you can not get relative rotation from… please help us developers

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After looking into this I found out that this is actually by design. A bug existed where it did rotate on all axis in previous engine versions, but that caused multiple issues with performance and not being able to make changes to the rotation.

That issue was fixed and the rotation stays at zero now, by design. I hope this clarifies any concerns and questions you might have relating to this. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

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so any alternative on using spring arm rotation then? q.q

I would be interested in the answer as well!


Maybe this will help you?
link text

This does not work for me…with this solution I can not turn my character using wasd [Click and drag to move] because Camera stays behind player 100%


Linetrace from camera/springarm isnt possible anymore q.q because you can not get its rotation

thank you for confirming this … I understand, sometimes these things happen in the context of a bigger picture. It seems that “Set Relative Rotation” isn’t working either (with Use Pawn Control Rotation set to on or off)… is this also by design?


Is this similar to the issue you’re having?: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-46037)

I’m having trouble understanding this second issue you’re reporting. What exactly are you trying to do and what steps are you taking to get to this?

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I’m sure is correct… it’s but for some reason, the following RInterp setup works smoothly and prints out the relative rotation… I’m fine with it if it works.

to answer my own question, I’ve been using Spring Arm components quite a lot in 4.18. It is now possible to use Get Relative Location, Set Relative Location and Add Relative location… but only if “Use Pawn Control Rotation” is turned off in the Spring Arm component settings.


Get a world location camera vector

Get a world location SpringArm vector and get a world location Mesh vector: Plus Z components in a new Vector

With thoses Vectors( new Vector and World location Camera Vector) use a “Find Look at Rotation” node to have a relative SprinArm Rotation…

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@pc-jose… you know I think this might work, it’s so simple that it’s brilliant :slight_smile:

This macro works for me:

thank you @pc-jose… does this work with Use Pawn Control Rotation turned on in the Spring Arm component?

Yes… of course

this does not work for me this just gets the spring arm world rotation…not relative rotation…or am i doing something wrong?

omg I think I found the solution finally …at least it works for me :smiley:

This converts the World rotation of the Spring arm to relative
The output is the relative spring arm rotation.