can't find Atmosphere sun light

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I’m doing a tutor it say use Atmosphere sun light it’s under light.


I don’t have it.


I’m using 4.10.2 I looked around and could not find it.


Try using a directional light instead.


I had this same problem a while ago. Maybe my thread will help you figure it out. :slight_smile:

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I found it you have to check show all advanced Details.


Thanks for the info, I was stuck on that for a bit but all good now!!

Additional bit of information: in 4.14, you will be able to automatically access the light vector and color of the atmospheric sun light inside of materials with the new nodes AtmosphericLightDirection and AtmosphericLightColor. This just works for 1 directional light but in most cases helps avoid the need for MIDs or MPCs to set the sun direction for your materials.

thanks that helped:D

Great! I have the same promble,ether

This one helps me a lot identifying the settings in UE 4.25.3, thanks a lot man! @swordfighter

It’s now located in the “Atmosphere and Cloud” section. You don’t need to check “show all advanced Details.” because this basically just expand all advanced details without adding new options.



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